Sustainable development

We respect social and environmental aspects related to our business, and we are working to ensure that each of our actions are harmonious and not aggressive towards the environment that welcomes us.

To meet this commitment, we have invested in an eco-friendly washing machine. With a water recovery system, it allows to recover the wastewater and recycle it.



We also set up what we call “Ecos-actions”, which our teams are trained to follow :

  • Eco-awareness : train and raise our teams awareness but also our customers and suppliers to adopt a code of good practice to the environment.
  • Eco-behavior : make sensitive our workers and especially our drivers to drive minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eco-purchase : purchase policy of biodegradable products, recyclable and local.
  • Eco-gesture : selective sorting and recycling, raise all workers awareness to daily rules of good behavior (lighting, heating and printing control).