1965 – 1979 : the origins



In the 1960s, George Legoupil was involved in dance halls as a drummer in a band, he was playing under a marquee set up for the event. Thus in 1965 he had the idea to acquire his first marquee and create the society “Ouest Location”, based in Vire specializes in tents rentals.

In 1971, Georges Legoupil, with his sidekick Gilbert Loslier, created the first party tents. The company began to become known through events in the Norman Bocage.


1980s : time to diversify

In the early 80s, “Ouest Location” diversifies its activities and begins installing tents for the first trade fairs that existed in Normandy.

It was during the development of trade fairs in 1982 that the son of Gilbert Loslier, Stéphane, joined the company. He began to learn the business by working in the metal fabrication shop of the company while participating to the development of exhibitions fairs.

In 1983, with the success of this diversification and development of fairs in the western part of France, “Ouest Location” opens a second office in Guingamp, Brittany.

In the late 1980s, marquees have undergone major changes with the arrival of aluminum tents which allowed us to create larger and more modular spaces.


1990s : development of a family business



In 1991, after 10 years in the field, Stéphane Loslier became the head of the headquarters.
To continue its development in the west of France, a third agency opened in 1993 in Blois.
In 1999, “Ouest Location” changed its name to “France Location. This change occurs the same year as Stéphane Loslier and his partner acquire through “Gesloc Finance”, the majority of shares of France Location.


2000s : development of major events


In the 2000s, the company takes a turn by participating in more major events, including sports. Indeed, in 2002, “France Location” participates for its first time in the Tour de France, setting up all the amenities of departure village on all departures towns of the race.
In 2006, the company is also requested for the first time to install all the marquees and facilities of the famous Route du Rhum.

During these years, our teams improved their expertise allowing the company to work on major events which require strong expertise and solid experience.


From 2010 until today : the era of innovation


In 2010, the company set up the first curved tents in France during the Route du Rhum. The company devotes a large part of its investments to the new curved marquees enabling its customers to benefit from new products.
In the year 2015, “France Location” has invested in a curved marquee of 30 meters range, making it the only company in France to offer this product on the market.